Obake Style is the artistic collaboration formed by Magen Mitchell and Nick Burke. It occurred naturally: canoodling led to doodling led to a marriage led to an art partnership! That’s why we chose shape-shifting monsters to represent our unique style.

Magen Mitchell

Magen Mitchell is an illustrator and painter. She’s a lifelong visual artist with a passion for all things cute and scary. Magen has never lacked for inspiration, but the event that most inspires her art was spending three weeks traveling across Japan collecting toys and art books. She likes collecting art almost as much as she likes making it. Almost.

Nick Burke

Nick Burke is a writer and film director. He likes learning about history and science, especially when they distract him from more important work. Nick didn’t always want to be a writer or a director, but he’s always wanted to be paid to express his opinion. He most likes reading 19th c. French Romantic literature because screenwriting forbids him from writing flowery prose.